Safire Services has now been acquired by Churches Fire

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We are a company who specialize in the fire safety market with the attitude that tomorrows business is just as important as today’s. We provide a comprehensive solution with a reputation for quality, reliability, efficiency and value for money. We offer advice on all aspects of fire safety. We are a company that cares!

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For a fire to occur it needs sources of heat and fuel. If these hazards can be kept apart, removed or reduced, then the risks to people and your business is minimized. In order to do this you must first identify fire hazards in your workplace.

Safire Services Fire Risk Assessments start from £99.99 + vat

What’s the point of having fire fighting equipment if you do not know how to use it correctly?
Fire kills! Fire Training Saves Lives!
Safire Services will provide you with a brief staff talk within your service cost.

Full staff training session cost from £49.99 + vat
(Group Training and Fire Warden Training Also Available)

Did you know that your fire extinguishers must be serviced on an anual basis in order to comply with UK law?
We are a company who pride our selves in supplying what we promise, with the attitude that tomorrow’s business is just as important as to day’s business.

We will provide a service visit for only £20.00 + vat and an additional £3.00 + vat for each extinguisher serviced.